Beat the heat with these summer cooling tips for your home and business. Save on your electric bill while you save energy.

Adjust the Thermostat

Set the temperature on your thermostat between 78°F and 80°F and you could save up to 8 percent on monthly cooling bills. Programmable thermostats make it easy to save by offering pre-programmed settings to regulate your home’s temperature throughout the year.

Keep Air Moving

Fans won’t replace an air conditioner or a heat pump, but they move air to maintain a higher level of comfort. On milder days when air conditioning isn’t necessary, fans can save as much as 60 percent on electric bills. Fans cool people, not rooms, so be sure to turn them off when you leave a room.

Regular Maintenance

Maintenance is the most important factor in ensuring that your cooling system remains energy efficient. Connexus Energy recommends that members schedule annual or semi-annual service with a NATE-certified technician. These HVAC professionals, certified through North American Technician Excellence, will check the entire system to make sure it is running efficiently, which will help extend the life of the system and save money.

Efficient Equipment

When the time comes to replace a cooling system, purchase an ENERGY STAR® qualified model. This could reduce energy costs by as much as 30 percent. Tax credits and/or rebates on qualifying ENERGY STAR® models may be available. Check with Connexus Energy for more information.

Size it Right

太频繁, cooling equipment isn’t sized properly for the intended space, which can lead to higher electric bills. A unit that is too large for your home will not cool evenly and might produce higher humidity indoors.