Report an Outage

Please report your power outage by completing our online form through your online account or calling 763.323.2660. Even during large storms and widespread outages, it’s important to report the outage for your area. The information you supply helps in our efforts to restore power as quickly as possible.

The Connexus Energy Outage Management System relies on your primary telephone number (home, cell, or other designated number) to automatically identify the location of the outage. That number must match the number we have on file.

When you report an outage, you’ll be asked for the primary phone number of the outage location – the location you are reporting. An accurate phone number may make a difference in how quickly your power is restored. If you provide a phone number that does not match what we have on file, it may take longer to locate the source of the outage, delaying restoration.

Update Your Primary Phone Number
Please complete the form below to update the primary account holder's phone number for outage alerts.